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     Thank You for visiting  Affordable Private Eyes your phoenix investigator. We take pride in providing you with high-quality private investigations and offer free confidential consultations.We understand how difficult the decision may be to hire a private investigator. Rest assured, when you hire Affordable Private Eyes, you will be provided with professional, courteous, attentive service in a timely manner.
Affordable Private Eyes offers many services including:
Cheating Mate
Background Checks (personal or employment)
Identity Verification
Criminal Checks
Asset Verification
GPS Tracking
Loss Prevention 
Missing Persons
At Affordable Private Eyes we understand knowledge of the truth is how we conduct our lives. Don't waste any more time wondering. Call us today for your free consultation and
together let's get your questions answered.  
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We offer service in Phoenix Arizona, surrounding areas and across the United States. Thank you for your business.
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