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Agency for Affordable Private Eyes LLC better known as, and herein after referred to as,"A.P.E. LLC" attempts to obtain and provide accurate data and information for it's clients. "A.P.E. LLC " makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied as to the accuracy of data or information provided. "A.P.E. LLC " cannot be liable for any reason whatsoever and cannot be responsible for any damages of any kind. You agree to indemnify and hold "A.P.E. LLC " harmless for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by "A.P.E. LLC " as a result of and and all claims and or third party claims relating to your use of data or information provided to you from "A.P.E. LLC ". In addition you agree to pay any and all legal fees, court expenses and expenses on behalf of "A.P.E. LLC " should any lawsuit arise. And should any legal issues need to be addressed or litigated you agree to Maricopa County as the jurisdiction. 

Other then personal observations and opinions offered as a result of any investigation by this agency, all data and records are obtained from a multitude of sources which "A.P.E. LLC " has no control. Data or information may be limited and in some cases not current.

Private investigation services and information provided within our ending reports may not be used as a factor in determining an individual's eligibility for insurance, credit, or employment unless prior consent was obtained from the person/subject.

Investigative reports may not be used for any purpose governed by the Federal Fair Debt Reporting Act as described in 15 U.S.C. 1681 A (D), as amended.

The information we provide is retrieved from numerous public sources both human and technological. We do not guarantee or warranty this information as human error always plays a role in gathering public records and information. By accepting these terms you have agreed that "A.P.E. LLC" and its licensed agents will be held harmless in the event a mistake was made.

No work will be accepted for illegal purposes. The client will also be totally honest and open with "A.P.E. LLC" regarding any aspect of the investigation. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation the client is still required to pay the set fees.

Thank You for choosing Affordable Private Eyes.


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