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When I called Patricia at (Affordable Private Eyes) she was my last hope. I was desperate to find my father, who had never been made aware of my existence, and had tried everything. I am a twenty one year old Kentucky college student and the only thing I really knew about him was a name, a name that was unfortunately extremely common. After spending most of my life searching I finally decided it was time to take the next step. For several weeks with no luck I was spending a few dollars here and there on internet sites promising to find lost loved ones. Eventually I realized that my searching was going nowhere fast and I needed help.

Patricia was amazing. With nothing other than a name, presumed age, and the knowledge that twenty one years ago the man lived in Arizona my father was located. Patricia kept me up to date on her search, she called often with new set of facts and places he may be. The things she did went so far above and beyond my expectations and she truly wanted to help me. When she found him he was still in Arizona. Knowing that I lived in Kentucky and did not want to wait to hear from him, she drove to his house herself and told him about me. Since then it has been amazing. I have talked to my father nearly every day since then and soon I will be able to meet him. I thank God everyday for Patricia, she did a miracle. I can honestly say that phone call was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Update: I am still in contact with this client. She was a joy to work with and I couldn't be more happy to reunite such a wonderful family. This is one of the true rewards of private investigation.

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