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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello Clients,

A lot of people think that being a private investigator means your chasing cheating wives/husbands most of the day. Some days that may be true but there are many other things that we can be very helpful with.

Background checks for employees or your new love interest. Basically anyone your just not sure about. I do this a lot and it has really helped my clients make better decisions about who they let into their lives.

Research is a big one. I have clients that will call me up just to research things for them. For example, to verify companies they want to start using or who sells the best security systems in town. I research everything and I work hard at it.

As I will be adding more to my blog, these are just a few of the many services my company has to offer its clients.


(Owner of Affordable Private Eyes)

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Jan 31

Very good content. Thank you for writing this. This has been extremely helpful.


Nov 11, 2023

Great blog.


Nov 03, 2023


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